The House of Rabandre Abla
Directed and edited by Tamar Raban

An apartment located in the Hadar Neighborhood in Haifa is the unique site of this performance, based on the second and third acts of Federico García Lorca's House of Bernarda Alba, translated into Hebrew by the poet Raphael Eliaz. Audience members are invited into the apartment, where they spend time with its occupants and witness their volatile lives at intimate quarters, observing them as they go through daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, watching TV, using the computer, sleeping, waking up, etc. In the process of work on this piece, the drama became linked to the performers' actual lives, as well as to the biography of Tamar Raban, who was born in Haifa. Deconstructed, the play's text is the foundation from which actions evolve. Thus the performance is an actual slice of life, fresh and relevant each time anew. The performance was created through an investigation of possible modes of action in the specific apartment, while paying attention to the fine points concealed in the text. Combining a multitude of details, the work is in a constant process of becoming.
Directed and edited by Tamar Raban; Performed by: Tamar Raban, Haya Bersinski, Yana Friedman, Tamar Kristisiashvili, Kineret Haya Max, Miray Shinan, Sarit Talmor; Guest Critic: Ilana Tenenbaum; Space Design: Dvora Morag; Costume design: Carole Godin; Lighting advisor: Guy Gutman; Assistant producer, assistant director, and performance manager: Sarit Talmor; Production manager: Rachel Hagigi, Hili Fridberg

Performance Art Platform