The  Performance Art Workshops

Class direction: Kineret Haya Max

Leading artists: Tamar Raban, Anat Schen, Anat Pick, Beni Kori, Shahar Marcus,

Michal Schreiber, Ran Nahmias, and more

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We offer annual workshops, introductory workshops

and one-day workshops

Performance is a leading field ion art that permits the expression of artistic ideas and messages in a living manner, through the body, action, and the use of various unusual materials and props.
Aims: experience in artistic creation without the barrier of external objects: the artist as artistic creation; art-life relations; testing the borders of art; time as a creative dimension.
Description: guided practical work and exposure to documentary and theoretical material on performance art and its history. During the workshop the participants will work on independent exercises around which group discussions will be held in order to develop experience, expressive ability, formulation, and critical tools. The exercises will be based on examining different aspects of the Performance, discovering the personal materials of each of the participants and developing a personal language.
In addition, within the framework of the workshop there are classes in performance technique, skill, and theory.
List of example topics: body, space, action, costume, light, text, sound, time, rhythm, ritual, and various genres.
In addition Within the framework of the workshop master classes will be held with visiting performance artists.
Each participant is responsible for the props needed for his/her work.

Performance Art Platform will provide technical equipment (basic lighting, sound, video, etc.) for the participants. Workshop graduates will be able to submit candidateship for  Ensemble 209 (interdisciplinary creators group working at Performance Art Platform).
Workshop participants are given a discount on all Performance Art Platform activities, workshops, and performances.

Performance Art Platform