By Tamar Raban 

This is an inter disciplinary performance, in which Raba unweaves her dress. Upon being enweaved, the parts of the dress get a different form and meaning.
Meanwhile a new dress is being sowed, a dress which Raban will wear in the next performance.
The dress represents itself, the body, life and its focuses. The unweaving is an act of energy augmentation and release.
At the same time of the unweaving of the dress, a story about a mother who unweaves her dress and sows it to her daughters' dress is told: "year by year the daughters' dress gets larger and the mothers' dress gets enweaved, until there is nothing left of the mothers' dress".
To the action react two co-creators of the performance: Uri Drumer, through music, and Moshik Yeshefov, through lights. These two actions effect the body and the unweaving, and are effected by it and by each other. in this performance There is no behind the scene action. All the technical preparation and lights and music sources are exposed. The magic in the illusion is absent, and the work is not a finished and processed product, but it is a process unveiled through bare nerves and arteries.
Music by Uri Drumer
Art design and lights by Moshik Yoshefov
Dress and clothes by Ilanit Cabesa
Performance management by Rachel Chagig





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