Foreign Work
Siteseeing Performance

Performance artists who are part of Ensemble 209 offer the public a different sort of encounter with Tel Aviv's New Central Bus Station. Roaming around this fascinating multicultural space, each participant sheds his or her particular light on dark corners of Israeli reality. Taking an open, receptive look at this complex human environment surrounded by narrow-mindedness, prejudices and fears, they draw our attention to an unfamiliar society which is yet so similar to our own. Who is the subject of our identification here? Those who are rejected? Those who do the rejecting? Economic or national interest groups? Human beings as a group or as individuals? Multiculturalism? Interculturalism? Non-culturalism? And what is culture, anyway? Through a direct, unusual encounter, this work poses questions about architecture, urbanism and history, and about the role of art in all three. The tour starts and concludes at the Performance Art Platform. Ensemble 209 proposes to conduct tours modeled on this one in other complex environments in Israel and abroad.
Tour guides: Tamar Raban, Guy Gutman, Beni Kori, Kineret Haya Max, and other Ensemble 209 members; Production manager: Hili Fridberg

Performance Art Platform