Dinner Dress - Tales About Dora

This is a performance-dinner in which Tamar Raban invites 24 spectators to experience a gourmet dinner on her dress and listen to small tales about Dora.
The diners sit around a round table in the center of which sits Tamar who’s dress covers the table.
The gourmet dinner consists of 5 servings cooked in real time by the known chef Zachi Bukshester, the dinner is served to the spectators on clear plates which mix with the actions that take place under the table/dress.
The sound of the cutting of the food, the whisper of the boiling gravy and the rustle of the plates, all cooked by Green as a serving of sounds and notes which are served to the spectators on special “plates”. All of this blends into the sound of the continuous counting by Pnina Reichman, who sits closely and embroiders love phrases out of Tamar’s hair.
In the “bread plate” Shimon Avni, a runner and artist, runs in a circle from one plate to another for an hour, in a video that is projected under the plate.
The dinner is hosted by Buky Grinberg in his interesting manner and unique touch.
Tamar Raban tells tales and anecdotes about Dora (who was her mother but could actually be any woman, and does there exist any connection to Freud and the Dora incident?), and performs actions which connect the body to the dress, the food, her biography, her culture, the conventions and taboos.
This is a multi-sensory and multi-media performance that works on and in the ‘digestive system’’ and is a continuation of her earlier work “Kahor” (“S/Bubblue, “Umzingelung”).





Performance Art Platform