Performance by Ensemble 209 

based on the first act of the play
"The House of Bernarda Alba" by Fedrico Garcia Lorca
Translation to Hebrew by Refael Eliaz

Directed by Tamar Raban

The performance “Ding Dong, first act” is the first part of a trilogy directed by Tamar Raban, based on Lorcas play "The House of Bernarda Alba”. Every part of the trilogy will be performed site-specific on various locations. The first part is taking place at Performance Art Platform.

The whole idea to make a trilogy just came up after Tamar Raban and Guy Gutman decided to work separately on Lorcas play after former co-directed productions. Their intention was to discover different performative options while dealing with the same textual basis. Gutmans version “Remix” is also performed at PAP and currently on schedule.


Tamar Raban, Kineret Haya Max, Haya Bersinski, Sarit Talmor, Gilles Benivri, Yana Friedman, Tamar Kristisiashvili, Michal Herner Rosenman, Miray Shinan


DING DONG – Act I  - critics
Time-Out Tel-Aviv *****
Ding Dong –Act I is a bold performance that takes its place as one of Israeli theatre's most significant achievements in recent years
…For several years now, this wonderful place has been producing the most innovative and fascinating theatre works, deconstructing the language of theatre into its elements, and connects them to an enchanted aesthetic world. This time as well, Tamar Raban has not disappointed us. In Ding Dong-Act I she takes an additional step towards engagement with theatre through the eyes of a visual artist, and in an unprecedented daring decision bases the new performance on the first act of "The House of Bernarda Alba" by Lorca.
….Raban, together with an excellent, fully committed ensemble, goes the furthest possible way with Lorca to transmit a one-time, sassy experience, which indeed requires quite a bit of tolerance and openness, but which, in exchange, provides us with an entire universe.
….Ding Dong is not a creation that revives a fictional plot from the past, but an event taking place in real time, of which the audience is an integral part…Ding Dong is perhaps the best version that I have ever seen of "The House of Bernarda Alba," and her commitment to the world of the images and dramatic dynamics of the play is preserved with surprising stringency…Its opening is one of the most brilliant openings that I have ever seen in a theatrical performance.
…..Tamar Raban has created an especially fascinating and enchanted universe for us, which, besides its unique qualities, also offers us a convincing possibility of an alternative reading of a dramatic classic.
Marat Parkhomovsky
Achbar Ha'ir ****
The encounter between Tamar Raban's Performance Art Platform and Lorca's drama transforms Ding Dong into original, thought-provoking theatre.
The paradoxical power of this production is embedded in a complex dialogue between the written text and concrete action taking place in real time. The exaggerated, mad cermoniall aspect distances us from the original context of the narrative but also breathes fresh new life into it. The intimate encounter with the actresses and the infinite tasks brings us closer to Lorca in a way that no other usual theatrical version can ever achieve.
Eitan Bar-Yosef,
There are several possible ways to look at DING DONG-Act I by Ensemble 209, directed by Tamar Raban. No matter what viewpoint you choose – textual, dramatic or theatrical – the result is a very original symposium between its elements and a fascinating handling of the first part of the last great play by Federica Garcia Lorca, "The House of Bernarda Alba."
In this new performance, as well, she reveals an original approach to the text, which is projected onto the rear wall. [Raban] deconstructs sentences into words, and words into syllables, so that new connections are created referring to the original meanings, in the same way that performance art forms new and original links to the concept "theatre play."
The conclusion acts as a kind of blend between the performance itself and the take-off from it, providing an opportunity to give direct thanks to the members of this excellent ensemble for the unique experience they provide in this first part of this very intriguing projected trilogy.
Zvi Goren


Performance Art Platform