Ensemble 209
       Performance by Tamar Raban
Music and Sound: Guy Gutman

Performance manager: Liat Ganon

Creative participants: Efi Ben-David, Guy Gutman, Haya  Barsinski Segalis, Hili Fridberg and Tamar Raban

Thanks to: Carole Godin

First performed in April 2008 at ROULETTE, New York with the cooperation of UMAMI, food and art festival. This is an intimate performance, a kind of performative poem that 
relates to the phenomenon of many gourmet aficionados comparing good food to poetry. 
During the performance, cookies are baked, but reference is also made to "cookies" (and to the act of "deleting the cookies") in the virtual world – small text files that websites
can save on the personal computer that can be used to save information about the user's visit to their website. The performance is based on the principle of deconstructing the
letters of the word "performance" in the project L.E.P.P.:
Lesson on Performance in English / English Lesson on Performance /  Performance in English on Lesson / Performance on English Lesson.

Performance Art Platform