Written, directed and designed by: Guy Gutman 

The performance "Remix" is an attempt to decipher Federico
Garcia Lorca's classical play, to reedit it in a specific time and place. The struggle with the text of "the House of Bernarda Alba" is the main drama in the performance. The spoken text, the design of the characters, the arrangements of space and situations – are all actions that lead us, step by step, to the heart of the play. Systems of control and suppression, the main themes in the play, are translated here to a web of internal relationships – between the women on stage, between the director and the ensemble, between the physical effort and the limitations of the body, and between the reality of Performance Art Platform and the reality of the Central Bus Station.
The space of the performance acts here as a hermetic system-a closed circle of events, into which the central bus station invades, and stirs the drama. On the threshold between the Performance Art Platform and the station stands the door –
A door that is a boundary that protects the artistic process from the noise of the world, a door that holds a promise to that "other" experience, to the "authentic" world outdoors, that the daughters of Bernarda so desire, and that we, as an ensemble, try and touch.
"Remix" is the second part in a trilogy that examines the relations between classic plays and the contemporary reality in Israel.
Performed: Vered Arni, Gina Ben david, Haya Bershinsky Segalis, Kineret Max, Tami Lebowitz, Yana Fridman, Tamar Kristisyashwili.


Performance Art Platform